Pool surround - trowel finish

Pool surround, Charcoal, exposed chip

Imprint - Slate 1

Imprint - Slate 3

Imprint with exposed
path in the middle

Exposed Waipa
Pebble Pool Surround


Imprinted Patio

Scribed Tile patio



Driveway -
Plain concrete, broom finish

Driveway -
Plain concrete, broom finish

Hand trowel, swirl finish

Machine finish, 5kg charcoal

15kg charcoal driveway



Exposed chip driveway
& broomed crossing

Trowel Finish


House and Shed Floors

Pumping job - House floor

House floor

Pumping Job 2 - Shed Floor

Ride on Powerfloat on Floor slab

Ride on Powerfloat - Floor slab


Patios and Paths

1 of 2 Preparation - Patio and pool pad

2 of 2 Lay and finish -Machine finish Patio and pool pad

5kg charcoal, light exposed

5kg Charcoal, light exposed

Exposed chip and shell

Exposed pebble Paths

Exposed pebble Patio

Exposed pebble steps

Paths - 5kg black, hand trowel finish

Patio - Work in Progress

Patio - Charcoal, tile look


Rural & Commercial

Pad outside implement shed

Rural - cowshed yard

Rural - Cowshed yard

Farmlands Building Floor Slab 1

Farmlands Building Floor Slab

Porowini Ave Bridge


School Paths

Farmlands Kamo

Rabobank Carpark