Northland Concreting Services

Site excavation and preparation

Most sites need some form of excavation works to prepare the site for the boxing process, or you may need to have an old driveway removed, the site levelling out or unsuitable fill removed before we can start.

Boxing and setting levels

Our team can box and set levels for anything from your garden path or driveway through to your house or garage floor.

After the completion of the boxing, the site is then compacted ready for the concrete.


Full supply, place and finish contracts

We can provide you with a full contract which would include everything from start to finish of the job, Site excavation, preparation, boxing, place and finish, expansion cuts and concrete pumping if required.

Place and finish only options

Top Notch Concrete Services provides the service to place and finish floors, driveways, patios and other surfaces already prepared by builders and/or yourself.

Design advice

Our team with their wealth of knowledge about concrete can help out with your design ideas.

Whether you need a few tips and pointers, some different finishing ideas or some technical advice or if you just don't know what you want or what is available to you, we can work with you to give you a finished result you will love.

Plain, coloured, decorative, imprinted and exposed aggregate concrete

Plain concrete is the cheapest option; a little colour can take away the glare of plain white concrete and also add a little difference to your driveway, path or patio.

Decorative cuts (wider than normal) can be used to give different looks to your concrete area—often used with coloured concrete to give the look of tiles. We would call our preferred contractor for this part of your job.

If you are after some colour in your concrete to create a different look or a colour to match your house, we have a colour sample box with a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

Exposed aggregate is when the top few mm of cement is washed off to expose the chip or pebble. There is a wide range of pebble mixes to choose from and colour can be added too.

If you are after something that will stand out and look impressive you might like to go with imprinted concrete, again there are many styles to choose from.

When it comes to concrete the options are endless!

Acid-washing, and sealing

Acid washing has a number of uses.

  • Acid washing is a technique used to achieve a finished texture called Acid etches Finish.
  • Acid washing is also used to clean concrete after exposed aggregate
  • And it is used to clean the concrete before it can be sealed.

Concrete can be sealed to give it a wet and shiny look and it also protects and holds the colour (if used) longer.

Specialised and custom jobs

When it comes to grinded floors we have mastered the techniques required to give a great finish ready for the concrete grinding contractor to finish the floor.

Overlay Finish – Overlay is a product that is towelled over new or existing concrete to create a slate look, it can then be scribed into squares to give it a tile affect and then sealed. And again there is a wide range of colours options!


The pumping of concrete to many sites allows for the quick and effortless disbursement of the concrete, with less chance of damaging the surrounding areas. Pumping also allows for the concrete to be delivered to less accessible places. We can arrange this for you, if required.


Top Notch Concrete Services can also cater for all types of rural concrete works from cattle races, feed pads, silage pads, cow sheds and implement sheds.

Contact us to discuss your concrete job.